Construction de magasin de banques de céréales et remise de matériels informatiques dans les communes de Massantola, Benkadi et Fallou par CAEB et ses partenaires SOS – FAIM et ENABEL 

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Training workshop for PSEC women partners

From 11 to 16 September 2021, the training workshop for women partners of the Solidarity Communautaire_ PSEC Programme on the use of the Buy From Women Platform of the UN Women agency took place.From now on, women partners will be able to sell their cereal and vegetable products on the …

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Inauguration of the women's market gardening perimeter of Bladougou Kita by the administrative and municipal authorities.

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CALIAM: Signature of Agreements

From July 2 to 3, the signing sessions for two sustainable local management agreements for agro-ecological spaces take place in the municipalities of Simby and Yéréré in the circle of Nioro. The signing of the documents takes place between the municipal authorities and the village authorities. The objective is the …

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