• Jardin potager

  • Réunion groupement de femmes

  • Groupement de femmes et fabrique de composte

  • Récolte de pommes de terre

  • Femme et culture de pomme de terre

  • Récolte de pomme de terre

  • Récolte d'oignon

  • Femmes et culture de pomme de terre

  • Femmes et leurs récoltes

  • Construction de 2 latrines pour les élèves

  • Travaux de construction de 9 salles de classes à N'Djila dans la commune de

  • Travaux de finition des salles nouvelles salles de calasses

  • Visite des sites de Déplacés Internes de Faladié et de Niamana par le Secrétaire général de CAEB en compagnie d'une délégation de la coopération italienne

  • Vue avec les enfants des déplacés internes

  • Les enfants des déplacés internes du site de Niamana

Recent Posts

JIGIYA: Launch of the program

On the sidelines of the launching ceremony of the JIGIYA program that will take place on June 30, 2020 in Sevaré / Mopti and to contribute to the fight against Covid 19, the Secretary General of CAEB proceeded to the delivery of several protection kits to administrative authorities and implementing …

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CALIAM: Signature of Agreements

From July 2 to 3, the signing sessions for two sustainable local management agreements for agro-ecological spaces take place in the municipalities of Simby and Yéréré in the circle of Nioro. The signing of the documents takes place between the municipal authorities and the village authorities. The objective is the …

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Capacity building workshop for members of the organizations of the market gardening perimeters of the organizations of the cereal perimeters … in networking and market access.  It was held from June 28 to 29 in Nioro

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Gender Equality, Girl and Women Empowerment Project (GEWEP III)

Phase III of GEWEP “Gender and Women's Empowerment” constitutes a consolidation and intensification of the main achievements of phases I and II. Its ambition is to ensure sustainability and reinforce the impact acquired during the previous phases while offering the opportunity to meet new challenges. The “Gender and Women's Empowerment …

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Start of the training series for 320 leaders of peasant associations of women and young people of the 8 communes of the Solidarity and Community Mutual Aid Program intervening in the circle of Dioila. The PSEC focuses on strengthening the organizational and institutional capacities of women and young members of …

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"FEDA-NIÉLÉNI" project

This report gives the status of project activities during the period from January 27 to 31, 2020. Thus, the activities carried out boil down to the geolocation of market garden areas, support and advice to groups in the maintenance and monitoring of onion and potato plants, the holding of IEC …

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Fundamental Education Support Project / PROF (DIEMA)

The Project for the Expansion of the Accelerated Schooling Strategy / Gateway (SSA / P) in Mali "aims to achieve the specific objective" Improving access for out-of-school and out-of-school children "of the Fundamental Education Support Program in Mali (PROF) for which the Ministry of National Education (MEN) is the prime …

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