Human Resource Management Expert

As part of the implementation of its project "Young Leaders and Reproductive Health for Young People and Adolescents (JL / SRAJ"), implemented in 18 circles in the regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Ségou and Mopti, the CAEB-Cordaid Alliance in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands seeks to recruit an expert in human resources management

e: Expert in human resources management Number: 0
1 Duration o
f the project: 01 year with possibility of renewal Supervis
ion: Under the responsibility of the Program Director Purpose o
f the position: To ensure the good management of the human resources involved in the progra
m I. Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and lead the process of recruiting program officers
  • Draw up agents' employment contracts, supported by the description of tasks
  • Follow the process of signing, signing and registering contracts at the level of the labor inspectorate and the INPS
  • Build a directory of program staff
  • Periodically organize the performance evaluation process for program officers
  • Design a capacity building plan for program officers
  • Lead the capacity building process for program team officers
  • Periodically update the directory of project agents
  • Identify the training needs of agents
  • Identify and / or list the structures specializing in the capacity building of agents according to their qualification
  • Follow the agent training process process
  • Ensure compliance with the terms of the contract by both parties

III. Training profile

  • Have at least a master's degree or an equivalent diploma in the fields of public law, private law or any other equivalent diploma;
  • Have at least 05 years of experience in the management of human resources engaged on the program

IV. Other desired skills

  • Ability to work in a team and provide supportive supervision to program staff and those of partner organizations
  • Ability to work with human resources management software
  • Ability to produce performance reviews of programmatic staff;
  • Ability to work effectively on personal initiative.

V. Documents to be provided

  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Application form (handwritten)
  • Cover letter (1 and ½ page maximum)
  • Reference of the most recent employer (s)

The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. The files must be
submitted to the headquarters of the NGO CAEB located in Bacodjicoroni ACI, rue 718, porte 840 and the CAEB branches in Nioro Sahel, Kita, Diéma, Kolokani, Dioila, Banamba, Bougouni, Ségou a
nd Sévaré The following documents are required initia
lly: Curriculum
Vitae Cover letter (1 and ½ page maxim
um) Copy of certificates and dipl
omas NB: The female applications are strongly encouraged

Secretary General
Gahoussou TRAORE

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